My name is Anne Buckvold and I am running a campaign to represent House District 13A. I believe I am well equipped to represent the people of our district and serve at our state legislature.

We need a government that functions; it is critical to the health of our state. If elected, I will bring clarity, vision and a strong commitment to the work at our State Capitol. I am not afraid of conflict and am skilled at compromise. 

I am a mother of four children. Compromise is a way of life for my family, not just an option. Our state leaders need to reflect this culture if we are to get anything done, whatever labels we use to identify ourselves. I want a better state for my children, for all children and for all people. 

I will focus on solutions and building the partnerships needed to accomplish them. I have strong faith in people and know we all have stories that are important to consider when shaping and deciding policy. If elected, I am committed to working against those things that typically divide us: party, region etc. and will focus on issues which have broad impact and are central to the overall health of our state. 

Initial areas of focus include:

  • Transportation
  • Poverty
  • Education

If elected I am committed to work for the people of our district, and for the people of the whole state. We are One Minnesota! I am committed to bringing the voice of Greater Minnesota to our State Capitol.